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Mr Sticker Signs and Digital Print solutions: Home Page

Home Page

Welcome to our web-site,


A lot has changed since we first started making signs about 20 years ago using a now antique 8086XT computer with an 8087 maths co-processor and one of the first vinyl cutting machines in the UK. (Hard to believe, but yes! this technology has been around that long).

Today, much has changed……… “Better software, Faster and more accurate cutting machines, and now the ability to print directly onto regular vinyl with permanent eco-solvent inks and cut contours around the printed design.

With thousands of different type faces and a massive range of coloured self-adhesive vinyl in stock and a choice of substrates, we have everything to create the right impression for your business.

This has enabled us to extend our creativity to new levels which we hope to demonstrate throughout our site.

  • Vehicle livery has taken on a new dimension with full colour designs, Images incorporated with text and much more to produce highly visual advertising that will target your intended clients far more effectively.
  • Exhibition signeage is also one of our specialities, having recently provided large photographic images for clients exhibiting at the Boat Show 2004
  • Additionally, we now also offer a full print service for limited runs of Giclet Fine Art reproduction prints. We can do on-off’s as well though this is not very ecconomical due to the time involved with colour correction.
  • Banners can make all the difference to raising public awareness about your business and what you can do for your clients. Use them at events, exhibitions or when you are working at a clients premices, simply display them and then roll them up at the end of the day. Banners are tough, weatherproof and re-usable.
Limited Edition Prints
COSTS FOR A LIMITED EDITION PRINT RUN TOO EXPENSIVE? Now you can have as few as 10 prints at a time. This means that many Artists can produce prints of their work without having to outlay thousands of pounds and have several editions on the go at the same time. Only print what you can sell and when you need some more, just call us to say how many and they will be ready for you to collect within a few days. How about having your favourite photo's blown-up to poster size? "Well we can do that too"